Welcome to ISOWIND


We have expertise in designing, configuring and installing pre-fabricated foam-in-place polyurethane insulation panels as well as refrigeration system. We supply high quality panels which produced in modern technology and selective high quality raw materials finishing. Any cold storage requirement, ISOWIND is your best companion and solution to suit the following applications:-

  • Food, vegetable, fruit and meat storage
  • Freezer & deep freezer storage
  • In-flight catering
  • Hotel, restaurant, club house, staff canteen, bar & KTV
  • Painting room and paint baking room
  • Tobacco drying
  • Factory building & cold storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Temperature and moisture controlled room
  • Clean room
  • AHU room
  • Ceiling for production room
  • Operating room
  • Scientific laboratory
  • Ice storage room
  • Egg incubator room
  • Factory roof
  • Food processing

ISOWIND panels are produced with the foamed-in-place process, where chemicals are injected between two metal panels to form Polyurethane insulation panels. Chemical reaction produces high heat and high pressure during curing. Pressure of over 30 tons is applied to the panel resulting in high structural strength, high density and thus high insulation value of the Polyurethane panel. ISOWIND panels come in standard size but can be custom designed to fit your available space and your requirements. Panels are manufactured in sections and assembled at work site like putting together pieces of puzzle. Standard width for panels are 400, 800 and 1200 mm, with length of 400 to 6000 mm. Ceiling and floor are manufactured with the similar principle. Corners are joined together using corner pieces. A double tongue & groove jointing method ensures, easy, quick, and stable installation with 100% seal tightness.


ISOWIND panels are available with many types of metal finish to suit your application requirement, ranging from stainless steel, colorbond steel, galvanized steel, stucco aluminum. Metal finish is grooved every 150mm to increase the structural strength and improve the appearance of the panel. Each panel is coated with scratch proof PVC film which protects panels finish during transportation and installation. The film can be peeled off after installation.

Polyurethane panel thickness is available from 60 mm to 150 mm. Table below shows ISOWIND panel thickness with corresponding K-value and recommended application temperature. ISOWIND polyurethane panels are CFC free and exceed UL 94 fire retardant standard. Table below shows the technical specification of our panels. We regularly monitor and test our product, by independent laboratory, to ascertain that it meets our high standard.