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ISOWIND hinged door is integrated into our standard wall panel. Our standard door size is 900 x 1900 mm. The door is completed with a door latch, a keyed cylinder lock, a safety luminous door release from inside, self closing mechanism, hydraulic door closer. The spring action integrated into the door hinge closes the door by itself if it is left open less than 90 degree. On closing, the door is lifted up to avoid the bottom door gasket from rubbing with the door jamb and the hydraulic door closure latches the door tightly to prevent any cold air leakage. Water proof light switch with vapor proof interior light is also integrated into the door panel. Door finish and Polyurethane insulation thickness are the same material and thickness used for the wall panel. Heater wire is installed in the door frame to prevent condensation. For Freezer room, easy replaceable heater wire is also embedded into the door frame. Other available options include viewing windows, kick plate, door ramp, fluorescent light and plastic door curtains.

The figure shows different components and accessories for ISOWIND hinged doors
Hydraulic door closer Door latch with lock
Self closing hinge

Lever release inside coldroom with luminous knob

Swing door is standard for ISOWIND cold room while sliding door is also available for special applications requirement. ISOWIND doors use heavy duty hardware which has been field tested and proved for its reliability. Different models & sizes are available upon request to suit special applications.

To further seal off any irregularity of the panel surfaces, the closed cell polyethylene foam gasket or gasket tongue is used. It is installed on the edge of the panel during the foaming process. The gasket is compressed to form a tight seal without the need of sealant. ISOWIND panels guarantee 100% seal tightness.